9 Nutrients to Support the Joints

joint painJoint health impacts all of us, as mobility, flexibility and range of motion are all dependent on healthy joint function. 

Because what you eat can affect your structural system, you could be making a difference just by changing your diet. 

The following foods and nutrients can help support the bones and the structural system

Fatty Acids: When most people hear the word “fatty” they stay away, but fatty acids are not fats. Up your fatty acid intake with fish such as salmon, herring, and sardines. Also up your intake of green veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.
ProteinBones need surrounding muscles to be strong to help support the joints. To do this you need to eat protein, focusing on the right amounts for your age, gender, and activity levels. Try lean meats, legumes, nuts, etc.
Antioxidants: The effects of free radicals can lead to poor bone health. Eating an antioxidant rich diet can help in combating these free radicals.
So what foods are high in antioxidants? Try anything with Vitamin A, C, E or Selenium, such as fruits, whole-grain and fortified breads and cereals, salmon, oatmeal, tomatoes, asparagus, and broccoli. Vitamin C and Vitamin E may also support structural health.
Glucosamine: Taking a glucosamine supplement can help support cartilage and the overall health of the structural system.
Calcium: Calcium supports healthy bone growth. Eating calcium rich foods like kale, figs, yogurt, broccoli, etc., can help maintain healthy bones, a vital component of a healthy structural system.
Vitamin D: A diet high in Vitamin D can help your body absorb the calcium you eat. Try foods fortified with Vitamin D.
Fiber: Fiber can support your bone health by supporting blood glucose levels already within the normal range, so get your servings of fiber every day.
Water: Drink sufficient water. Staying hydrated helps maintain proper fluid levels in the body and throughout the structural system.
What you eat really can impact your structural system. Eat nutrient-rich foods that provide your body with the healthy building blocks it needs for mobility, comfort, and health. And look for foods that naturally support a healthy inflammatory response after exercise or overuse, such as spices like curry, cinnamon, etc. Pineapple is another great one, as it contains Bromelain.

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