Pursuing the Authentic | Living with Purpose

Its been an interesting couple of weeks for me. We just wrapped up a new teaching series, and had in mind, a couple weeks to regroup, and take a much earned vacation. At the same time, my son was starting his 3rd year of Business School.

What made my week interesting? As life can do very clearly if you're listening, a life learning message was revealed in several different forms over the past couple of weeks. All thru conversations and experiences, but very clearly the same very specific message.

Number 1, my wife and I were excited to take a vacation, our one week on Topsail Island each summer is always an enjoyable one. So as we disconnected from work and began to free our minds, it became clear through conversation, that we sensed a change was in store for our lives. 
As my wife and I enjoyed the summer sun and pristine beaches, not to mention a frozen cocktail or two around the pool, it was clear we had many dreams and goals for our upcoming wonders years, however, we hadn't any concrete plans for accomplishing them. 

We knew exactly what our daily routine presently entailed, but we both began talking about making transitions in our work and career, that included owning a home business, and moving away from the city, to a smaller, more quaint city or community. 

Number 2, Earlier I mentioned my son began his third year in business school. I always try to set a good example and offer up advice. As a parent, it really is an art of love and respect, to know when to offer advice and when to simply step back and wait for him to ask for help.

He's such a great kid and impresses us every day with his high values and maturity. So with that said ... after returning from vacation, out of nowhere,  my son asked if he could use my easel and pad of paper, to make a list. Not only a list, but that he wanted my help in strategizing about some upcoming life choices of his own. 

Now I'm smart enough to know when he asks these types of questions, he's been contemplating for himself a bigger picture ahead. It also affirms, in a very special way, near and dear to my heart, that he has actually been listening and watching my example, and he'd like to take some advice I've given and put it into action. 

Number 3, the last message. This one was the one that convinced me, that some one was trying to get my attention. You see my wife is incredible and she has excelled in her career. But when she came home from work only two days after returning home from vacation, she needed someone to listen to her, not to help or solve the problem, but just listen with a loving, caring ear. I'm not going into details here but I will share there has been some recent changes internally in her company, as well as new personnel hired recently. One might say some things were said and expectations expressed that didn't necessarily align with the currently reality. 

For the reader, I want to assure you, my wife is one of the most highly reputable people I know. When she came home to share that her integrity seemed to be in question, and she felt as if she was under attack both personally and spiritually, it was quite clear, life was beginning to communicate with us and it was clear, what we were hearing.  It was actually helping us see clearly our vision for our future. And recognize that timing was playing a big part of our interpretation. 

So, can you hear the message that I was getting? Let's review, number one, when you take time to back away from the table and listen to what life is telling you, it's likely you won't be surprised at the response. Number two, often the truth comes straight from the mouths of babes. Lastly, number three, you can always rely on your life partner to help you connect with your divine right order. 

And in each instance the answer revealed itself through my willingness to give my time and heart to listening, and helping others here their own message. 

Live out your goals each day like never before. Keep your priorities in clear view. Stop living day by day, following the same old routine. Be aware of where you are today, where you would like to be tomorrow, and the simple actions steps needed to get there. 

Sounds like a pretty standard approach to life. But be honest with yourself, how many times have you been caught with blinders on, with your head down full steam ahead, chasing only those deadlines and milestones of the current month, week or day. 

Isn't it refreshing and exhilarating to know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, there is a higher power at work. And if we would just stop and listen, He will give us the desires of our heart. I believe these desires are my gift, to living a truly authentic in purposeful life, one I was created to live. 

From my good friend Jim Reklis, my business coach ... All of us have far more potential than we realize. Believing you have a true purpose means you have to steward your life to fulfill the purpose. Fundamentally your own growth is in your hands. When you realize this excuse, and stop excusing yourself for limitations in your life. The path before you will always reveal itself as you seek authenticity and purpose. 

Jim helped me discover a THREE-STEP process for growth and change, that produces sustainable transformation in life, work, and leadership.

Number one, Assessment. Begin with an honest assessment of where your life is right now. I recommend you focus on your whole life, not just areas and are currently on your mind.

Number two, Alignment. Alignment asks where am I going and what do I want a future to look like? Alignment is about vision, and a preferred future. This future is directly linked with your heart's desires, placed there by a higher power.  

Number three and last, is the GAP that is created between your assessment in your alignment. The third and critical step is to bridge this gap with a set of action steps. Action steps are how you will accomplish your goals and achieve your preferred future. 

It doesn't matter if you're a young college student, in the beginning stages of a new career, or an accomplished professional. These three steps are are key to living a life with a clear vision, with authenticity, and purpose. A life filled with fulfillment. 

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Happy listening... Life is trying to get your attention! 

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