Let Mother Nature Help Defend You and Your Family This Season!

When is the best time to work on supporting and strengthening the immune system?

Keep in mind that what you do now will build your resistance for this winter and the long term. I love this quote from our own Dr. Jay: "May you never know the diseases that you may have prevented."

Your daily habits and the nutritional level of your diet and supplements create your body's "protective fort." The longer you wait to build your fort and the more exceptions you permit, the weaker your fort will be. 

If something does bypass your immune fort wall, do not delay in responding with several products to give your body the upper edge. Too often people respond with one or two items at maintenance doses rather than fighting doses, thus prolonging the fight.

Which Nature's Sunshine products do you recommend for daily/ongoing prevention and why?

1. Elderberry D3fense is an excellent product with beneficial immune properties. It's a good daily source of Vitamin D3, which a lot of people may lack.

2. Probiotic Eleven is a broad-spectrum formula of 11 strains of good bacteria to improve gut microbiome balance and overall immune health.

3. Immune System Pack. For those with weaker immune systems who need more than Elderberry D3fense, this monthly pack adds VS-C and Immune Stimulator to strengthen the immune response from multiple directions, providing increased support.
I also like to diffuse Essential Shield Oil blend for its powerful penetrating action.

What are your favorites for fighting back in the moment (under attack) and why?

1. Silver Shield. This patented form of silver is pure, potent and safe. Silver makes a good gargle and can be more effective when in direct contact with microbial imbalances.

2. Echinacea/Golden Seal. This traditional formula still gets results. Echinacea boosts the immune system and supports the lymph glands, while goldenseal seems to give the body more fight.

In your experience, what are your top two immune products for children?

1. I recommend Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune. These offer excellent immune-supporting properties and they taste great.

2. I would also add Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power chewables to help replenish the good bacteria.

Which foods do you encourage your customers to eat more of in order to help the immune system?
  • Diet is the foundation in our health journey and the immune system is no exception.
  • Focus on a whole-foods, clean diet with a good variety of vegetables, quality fats and healthful proteins, much like the diet recommended in the IN.FORM program.
  • Focusing on foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus and many vegetables is an excellent start.
  • Be sure to avoid foods that would work against you like refined sugars, dairy and many processed foods.
  • For extra immune protection, add spices such as Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cloves.
We have the tools and knowledge to be healthy, let's build strong forts!

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