Top 10 wellness tips from Jesus to living a healthy life

This time of year certainly impacts my faith and learning on how to be more attentive to proven principles to live by.  

Everyone is familiar with the religious teachings of Jesus, but fewer know that he is also one of the greatest role models for a natural lifestyle. 

We’ve identified the top 10 wellness tips from Jesus to motivate you to live a healthy life.

  • Take care of your body
Jesus stressed that we should honor God with our bodies and treat them as temples. Jesus believed that when we take care and nourish our body, it’s pleasing to God since He created us. 
  • Eat healthy whole foods
Throughout his lifetime, Jesus consumed lots of nutrient rich foods. Because of his non-wealthy upbringing, Jesus ate foods that the poor did. So fruit, lean meats, and whole grains were a staple in his diet. These foods are known to protect your heart against many diseases and cancers. Not to mention they are dense in vitamins and minerals that are going to support a long and healthy life.
  • Walk walk walk!
Wherever He went, Jesus walked. Throughout the Bible, Jesus was known to travel on foot to his destinations. There were plenty of places Jesus had to go, from praying on a mountain to preaching at the Sea of Galilee, Jesus walked A LOT. According to the Bible, Researchers estimated that Jesus walked over 21,500  miles during his lifetime! (About the distance around the globe at the equator) Now we’re not saying that you need to walk around the world to be fit, but walking just 30 minutes a day is known to have significant health benefits!
  • Be thankful
Having a grateful heart is known to have great benefits for your mental health. Not only does thankfulness reduce stress, but it has been linked with boosting your immune system, promoting sleep, and helping the heart. So start a gratitude journal today and see the positive effects this has on your health! 
  • Be generous
Jesus was a great example of putting others first. Besides sacrificing himself on the cross for mankind, he stressed the importance of generosity in his everyday life. Jesus showed that giving other people your time, energy, and love was essential in life for one’s well being. When you allow yourself to help, serve, or give to others it impacts your health in a variety of ways. Knowing that you’re making an impact in someone else’s life gives you a greater feeling of purpose in your own. 
  • Practice forgiveness
We all tend to remember those who have hurt us at some point in our lives. But research shows that holding onto grudges isn’t good for our health. Jesus taught this principle because he understood that we are just human and only God is perfect. So if someone hurts you or makes a mistake, even more than once, He believes it’s best to forgive. Forgiveness brings us an abundant of health benefits like greater psychological well-being, lowered stress levels, and improved relationships. 
  • Engage with your community
The human race wasn’t created to be alone. Not only did Jesus get involved in the community, but he took the time to foster deep relationships with individual people as well. Health research shows that we do best with people by our side and being apart of a community boosts mood, decreases stress, and helps develop a sense of belonging; all closely tied to better mental health. 
  • Have a peaceful heart
Jesus understood that life can get hard sometimes, but he also believed that we can turn to Him for spiritual health. Jesus calls everyone who is struggling with difficulties to come to him and take a breather. Prolonged stress wreck havoc on your immune system and greatly reduces your well-being. He wants us to be at peace in our hearts so that our soul can be filled with light and the love of God to impact the world. Then Jesus said, Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-29
  • Be spiritual
Although his teachings in the Bible are used in Christian religion, Jesus taught principles that could be incorporated for our health in many spiritual purposes. Things like love, forgiveness, kindness, peace, generosity, mindfulness, and many more impact our overall health profoundly.  When we take the time to nourish our minds and bodies through healthy living, we not only take care of our own health but impact those around us too. Once we are the best versions of ourselves our thoughts, actions, and words will ultimately affect our health and the people we interact with.
  • Speak the Good News
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). Speaking light not only builds the Kingdom, it also helps to keep you healthy through faith and hope (Isaiah 61).

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